Universities and business have been collaborating for decades, but our rapid transition into a global knowledge economy has intensified the demand for strategic partnerships that transcend the traditional funding of isolated research projects. Top Tier research universities are at the vanguard of pioneering such partnerships and have been able, in recent years, to take significant advantage of synergies that had traditionally been overlooked.

New collaborations are designed for longevity, greater investment, and to sharpen the competitiveness of companies and universities actively involved in them. In short, they augment and strengthen the role of the research university for the 21st century, securing it as a fundamental center of expertise to help confront collective challenges and drive economic growth.


Transkinetic Strategies’ (TKS) Research and Academic Collaboration Team (ReACT) was designed to help facilitate that growth through facilitation of strategic partnerships with client firms where industry research interests dovetail with cutting edge academic research endeavors. Universities aren’t unique in the limitations academic researchers experience. Whether it’s related to technical restraints, scarce personnel with the necessary expertise or merely a lack of appropriate time to dedicate to a project, industry encounters roadblocks with stunning regularity. TKS ReACT is dedicated to harnessing the collective power of both industry and academia and removing those roadblocks for everyone.


  • Expanding circles of collaboration.
  • Enhanced conference participation/publication support.
  • A new funding stream for university research.
  • Companies drawn into earlier- stage research, with
  • Enhanced R&D performance and job creation.
  • Enriched career paths of students.


  • Quality Research and Teaching
  • Bottom-up collaboration rather than top-down directives
  • Both partners achieve some form of market differentiation
  • Reciprocal Credibility

Ultimately, it is individuals who truly comprehend and appreciate both worlds – academia and industry – who are the dynamic and driving influence behind successful partnerships.

ReACT is designed to minimize limitations for industry and academia and, as such, posts few limits on the research pairings we will consider. In short, if there is an academic interest, TKS ReACT will find the corresponding Industry player and vice versa. To date, our strongest collaborations, many directly with academics, have spanned numerous industries and over a dozen countries. We stand by our motto ‘Aut viam inveniam aut faciam’…if there is a need, we will either find a way or we will make one.