As a result, TKS has actively developed an expertise in numerous research fields to include Business Research, Market Research, Regulatory Research and Analysis, Supply Chain Support, Financial/Investment Research and Litigation Support.

In addition to research enabling direct business development activities, TKS has engaged in primary research projects for clients in investment banking, insurance, law firms (litigation support) and private equity firms. TKS’ experience has included research projects in Europe, the Middle East/North Africa and Asia. By leveraging regional and domain experts, TKS is able to overcome cultural and language barriers to rapidly produce accurate and unique analysis in a way that maximizes the benefit to our clients while minimizing the cost.

TKS supports clients throughout the market research value chain. From data collection to advanced analytics, our research team supports all your research needs.


  • Data Collection
  • In-depth interviews with C-level executives
  • Online Surveys (B2B)
  • Data Processing and Tabulation
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analytics
  • Charting and Reporting
  • Regional/Market/Industry/Technology Expert (SME) Consultations
  • Sector Monitoring
  • Market Evaluation/Segmentation Studies
  • Regulatory Environment Studies
  • Competitor Studies
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Case Development
  • Business Partner Identification
  • Supply Chain Establishment
  • Logistics Network Design