Providing our clients with




market intelligence and advice to help achieve success with their expansion efforts, M&A activity, litigation, and investment strategies.

The TKS Difference

Creating and growing a business from the ground up is a remarkable accomplishment and success is rare. But even successful businesses hit road blocks and limitations on growth. This is when it becomes imperative to explore new markets. TKS has the experience and reach to help facilitate our clients’ next market entrance approach strategically and intelligently.  Our network of industry experts spans multiple continents, scores of countries and dozens of industries. Whether you merely need Market/Business Intelligence to support your own strategy or you require Business Development support on the ground in your target market, when it’s time to drive your business to the next level, TKS can provide you the map.



TKS has supported several hi-tech manufacturing firms in evaluation of potential market possibilities in emerging markets and redirected market entrance initiatives to produce successful entrance.


TKS provided market analysis and sales support enabling the successful introduction of client equipment in several foreign markets, as well as providing regional representation and networking at regional trade shows.


From network expansion and new product launching to niche market reorientation, TKS has provided clients with support within the shipping industry related to both vessels and freight networks.


TKS has developed a significant track record of supporting numerous asset managers internationally. We provide a variety of research and analytical services for portfolio management, industry analysis, financial modeling and risk management.


With a handful of private equity firms engaged, TKS has conducted research for clients related to deal sourcing, market and sector analysis, due-diligence and the ramifications of major political/economic shifts, such as EU accession, on specific industries.


TKS has worked with both insurance and re-insurance companies globally to expand potential partnering opportunities in regions and industries within which they do not currently operate.


Our litigation support services have been responsible for providing market specific expert witness testimony for several US based legal clients.



When a client with interests in exploring acquisition opportunities for telecommunications suppliers/sub-contractors in Africa came to TKS with their goals, we set to work mapping out a list of target firms and determining which would be suitable matches. Working with the client and local experts, we were able to rank order the targets using primary data on each and guided the client’s decision to a very successful conclusion.


Intending to expand sales and operations outside the United States, this client came to TKS looking to determine where best to place a boutique additive manufacturing operation to best successfully approach foreign tier 2 aerospace and automotive firms and dip their toe into a new and lucrative regional market. Employing local industry experts, TKS helped the client develop a gravity-based model of the region’s industrial infrastructure and enabled the client to place their operation directly at the center of it.


In support of a test project exploring application of a neural network (ANN) model of machine learning to trading strategies, our client noted a need for qualitative data that included more than simply online news and subscription services. TKS set to work acquiring a regular stream of authoritative and current qualitative data for the firm to use, allowing them to enhance the training and testing data and ultimately improve the predictive ability of their algorithm.